Be at peace


We believe in the power of living out your truth in an authentically connected and peaceful way—connecting better with yourself, family, friends and colleagues. Coming to your mat regularly with an intentional practice is just the beginning of your journey. Tuning inward to focus on your core values and beliefs and aligning your life in a way where you show up for priorities is powerful.  Our passion is to teach you to pause, breathe, and connect. 

Peaceful Kids


We live in a world that encourages us to do more and be better, constantly. We never feel like we are enough. This belief system skews our true value and self-worth. We pass these beliefs onto our children and they become over-scheduled, over-stimulated and are left without learning how to cope with obstacles and emotional challenges. We are passionate about equipping our young people with the skills and tools they need to know their value and worth, so they can live the life they were created to live!

Peaceful Families


We have become so consumed by the constant "speed" of life, that we are missing the mark with our family.  I believe there is a growing need for our families to slow down and focus on each other, to connect in a meaningful way, to disconnect from the screen, and spend sincere quality time together. This encourages a stronger family unit through communication and experience.  Peaceful families learn to pause, slow down the pace of life, and prioritize what is most important.